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Solving a specific business question or addressing a precise business need is our specialty. Read our white papers and case studies to understand how we assess the industry to help businesses or investors in the areas of digital TV transition, intellectual property and market intelligence.

Case Study: Accessing Hard-to-Find Intelligence

A patent pool requiring specific research for an audio technology quickly realized that technical specifications and product information was scarce and not easily accessible. This made it extremely difficult to identify the use of specific technologies within products in the marketplace. Find out how DTC provided a customized solution that included an in-depth analysis of the use of multiple technologies across 23 categories of consumer electronic products.

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White Paper: Brand Licensing in Today's Global Television Marketplace

As a number of countries continue to transition from analog to digital television broadcasting, and manufacturers begin to push new technologies like 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), the global market for TV sets continues to register annual unit shipment growth. At the same time, retailers and manufacturers are engaged in a fierce battle for market share that is driving down prices—and profit margins—at an accelerating rate. The ongoing dichotomy over the last decade has forced out some of the old guard manufacturers and ushered in a new guard searching for proven profit-generating strategies.

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Case Study: TV Spectrum Repack

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) outlined the time and funds it thought necessary to complete the TV spectrum repack program. A group of U.S. television broadcasters believed the FCC's timetable and reimbursement fund fell short and weren't based on a solid research analysis. See how DTC provided that small group of broadcasters with a big voice that got the attention of legislators.

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Case Study: IP Royalty Rates in DRM Technology

With more than 250 issued patents and another 100+ pending global, this digital rights management (DRM) company is involved in all aspects of the value chain—from product development research to setting industry standards.

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Case Study: Unit Forecasts for Video Compression Technology

A patent pooling firm requires ongoing industry projections and trends regarding a specific video compression technology. The data helps forecast revenue for the firm's intellectual property clients and identify gaps in licensing compliance.

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Case Study: Preparing for a Digital TV Transition on an Island

A small island in the Caribbean was transitioning the nation's broadcast system from analog to digital terrestrial TV, or DTT. In addition to educating consumers, the government broadcast regulator needed to prepare those who would ultimately assist in the transition, including broadcasters, retailers, suppliers and other DTV stakeholders. Communication and education needed to focus on the reasons for the transition, how it would impact individual groups and what they needed to do to receive signals.

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Case Study: Analog-to-Digital Transition in U.S.

A leading electronics trade association was enlisted to provide leadership for the U.S. transition to High Definition Digital Television (HDTV). Thousands of members—from manufacturers and service providers to designers and installers—looked to the association for guidance about preparing the consumer market and establishing products and services in the new era of digital television.

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Case Study: Managing Audio Technology Patents for a Better Bottom Line

An audio technology manufacturer with 40-plus years of experience and an extensive portfolio of audio technology patents realized that published market research reports didn't provide adequate detail to help manage its intellectual property, which is used in the consumer-electronics, cinema, home entertainment, broadcast and PC industries.

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Case Study: Collecting Royalties on Technology Patents

A Fortune 500 company has an extensive portfolio of technology patents for digital products found in the consumer electronics, medical and defense industries. The standard market research provided by most research firms fell short of the company's precise research needs. In fact, such "cookie cutter" research painted an inaccurate picture of patent-value. The company required detailed market intelligence to help royalty-collection efforts.

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November 19, 2017
With the sophistication of today’s gadgets, it’s easy to forget that the media transmissions that bring these electronic wonders to life are coming from heavy and rugged infrastructure: cables on poles or buried underground, transmission anten…

I was impressed with the people at DTC from top to bottom. I will recommend DTC to others, as well as use them again myself. The research was very useful and it was delivered in a speedy timeframe.

Robert Moore, Boston Intellectual Property Litigator